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Toilet training your puppy in an apartment
How Do I House Train My Puppy in an Apartment

So this is one of the most common questions I get asked about. It can be a tricky situation but it shouldnt stop you having a puppy, as long as you are willing to be dedicated enough to take your puppy out regularly.

Training a fearful dog
Training A Dog With Noise Fears

In this article you will learn how to desensitize and counter condition your dogs reaction to noises in order to have a relaxed pet. Dont worry its not as complicated as it sounds!

Stopping My Puppy Pulling On The Lead
Stopping My Puppy Pulling On The Lead

In this article well walk you through walking your dog on the lead and addressing any bad habits your puppy may have picked up for a sade and enjoyable walk.

Teach Your Puppy to Stop Jumping Up
Teach Your Puppy to Stop Jumping Up

The key to training your puppy to stop jumping up is having patience. It is going to take a bit of time and many repetitions, but this article will help you get there.

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